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Canoë - kayak

Durée 2h00 - Initiation - découverte autour des îles, une séance faite pour apprendre en s'amusant.

11 € / jeune

Stand up Paddle

90 min - séance découverte du Stand up Paddle -

11,5 € / jeune

Ceci est votre troisième élément

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19,99 €

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Jerseys with "velcros®" bands on the chest and on the buttocks and a "scratch" ball. The goal is to catch the ball in an end zone using the "velcros®".



The object is to score points by bouncing the ball on a trampoline (called a "frame") which is installed at each end of the field, so that the opponent cannot catch the ball before it hits the ground.



Individual opposition sport (racquet sport). Each player is in a square of 5m50 by 5m50 distant of 12m80 (without net in the middle). The goal is to send the speeder (looks like a badminton shuttlecock but is heavier and faster) into the opponent's area without the opponent being able to catch him.



Poullball pits two teams against each other with a very light 55cm diameter ball. Two foam dice are placed on each side of the field. The goal is to drop one of the two foam dice



The modern blowgun is an aluminum tube (122cm maximum, diameter 1.016cm) with a mouthpiece, which propels the darts by the breath of the shooter. We use it in a fun form thanks to various targets (animal targets, balloons, etc.).



The pétéca can be played individually (1 against 1) or collectively. The machine (the pétéca) is composed of a foam base topped by 4 feathers and weighing about 40 grams. The goal is to make the pétéca fall into the opposing field by hitting it with the hand and passing it over the net.



The goal is to land the Frisbee® in the opponent's end zone. To achieve this, you have to progress in passing.



       Baseball is a team sport played with a bat, a ball and a glove.   The goal of the “pitcher” is to hit the ball as hard and as far as possible in order to run from base to base and therefore to win points for his team.


Disc golf

disc golf is a sport in which it is possible to play both individually and collectively. You have to succeed in aiming at the targets by making the least possible throw .

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